24x7 Remote Monitoring.


$1350 onetime fee for device lease
30 Day Free trail – 100% refund if not satisfied


  • Proactively monitor MRI/CT hardware including magnet level, pressure, temperatures, compressor status, chiller water flow, environment temperature and humidity
  • SMS/Email alerts during critical conditions
  • Daily reports
  • All major OEM: GE, Siemens, Phillips, Toshiba


  •      Avoid helium loss and costly repairs
  •      Avoid system downtime and $$ loss
  •      Avoid unnecessary regular site visits and save $$

Livelink addon - Remote HOST screen sharing

+ $20/month

$500 onetime fee for device lease
30 Day free trail – 100% refund



  • Remotely view HOST screen, artifacts, error messages and provide real time technical support to onsite Technologist or a less experienced engineer
  • No software needed to install on the HOST


  • Faster troubleshooting: Avoid system downtimes, improved customer care.
  • Reduce operational costs by enabling a  Jr. level engineer service the equipment with help from a remote Sr. engineer