Proactive equipment monitoring solutions for MRI/CT/PET/XRAY/US

About DI Insights

DI Insights, LLC is an independent product design and consulting company which focuses on improving operational efficiencies of diagnostic imaging equipment using data and analytics. We provide custom solutions to hospital clinical/biomedical teams and independent service organizations (ISO). We have 40+ years of combined expertise in the area of diagnostic imaging. Our products are reliable, simple to use and affordable.

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Remote Monitoring

Proactively monitor your MRI/CT/PET machines 24x7 and avoid helium loss, costly repairs and downtimes.

Multi vendor compatible: GE/ Siemens/ Phillips / Toshiba

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Remote diagnostics.

Remotely review artifacts, error messages and provide real time technical support to onsite Technologist or a less experienced engineer. No software needed to install on the HOST.

Get technical support to onsite technologist or a Jr. level service/clinical engineer from a Sr. level service/clinical engineer with a click of a button.

Multi vendor compatible: GE/ Siemens/ Phillips / Toshiba

DIVUE360 - Utilization analytics

On-premise utilization analytics software as service

Track scan count, duration, referring physicians, station usage, protocols, repeat scans and QA in easy to use analytics dashboards


No need to send data to cloud.

*No monthly fees

Vendor Neutral

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